Kahanamoku special 2015 - vertical“Kahanamoku: A Legacy of Healing”

A Television Special Produced by Emme Tomimbang

in Partnership with Hawaii News Now

Honolulu, Hawaii –Aug. 3, 2015 – In the special, “Kahanamoku: A Legacy of Healing,” veteran Hawaii producer Emme Tomimbang tells the story of not only inspirational Kahanamoku scholars from the John A. Burns School of Medicine, but also Nadine Kahanamoku, the widow of legendary surfer and Olympic gold medalist Duke Kahanamoku.  The hour long program will be broadcast exclusively on Hawaii News Now on KGMB.

Upon her death in 1997, Nadine Kahanamoku donated their entire estate to the John A. Burns School of Medicine to be used for scholarships awarded to medical students of Hawaiian ancestry.    Since then, there have been over 80 Kahanamoku Scholars, each with his or her own story; each, in his or her own way, perpetuating the Kahanamoku legacy of healing.

“Through the couple’s single act of kindness, there is a single pebble in the pond, causing a ripple effect that changes the communities and the thousands of lives touched by this legacy of healing,” said Emme Tomimbang, president of EMME Inc. “It is a legacy of healing, a legacy of opportunity for medical scholars of Hawaiian ancestry and the communities they come to serve,” said Tomimbang. In this special we will see what few know and that is Nadine Kahanamoku’s extraordinary act of philanthropy and her special relationship with her husband Duke, who is regarded as Hawaii’s favorite son.

“We’re once again extraordinarily proud to be honoring the legacy of Duke Kahanamoku and his countless contributions to Hawaii by broadcasting this remarkable special production,” said Rick Blangiardi, General Manager of Hawaii News Now.

Emme Tomimbang and her team traveled statewide to visit with island physicians in their communities on Kauai, Maui and the Big Island.  Dr. Haku Kahoano, also a Kahanamoku Scholar will serve as co-host with Emme.

As the John A. Burns School of Medicine celebrates its 50th Anniversary in July and Duke Kahanamoku celebrates the 125th Anniversary of his birth on August 24th, Hawaii News Now and EMME Inc. commemorate these milestone moments with an evening paying tribute to the Kahanamoku legacy with a double header on KGMB.


CO SPONSORED BY: Kaiser Permanente, Kapi‘olani Women’s & Children’s Medical Center and Queen’s Health Systems

with support from the Estate of the late Wayne Morris Corn

                             MONDAY, AUG. 24th  on KGMB

8-9pm “Duke Kahanamoku: Hawaii’s Soul” (premiered in 2005) 9-10pm “Kahanamoku: A Legacy of Healing”

                      REBROADCAST: SATURDAY, AUG. 29th on KGMB

6-7pm “Kahanamoku: A Legacy of Healing”