Mission & History

‘Ahahui o nā Kauka, the Association of Native Hawaiian Physicians, is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1998.  Our mission


A healthy, thriving community of Native Hawaiian people.


To champion superior health care for all Native Hawaiians.


Kākou and pono. Collaboration and basic Hawaiian values provide the foundation upon which all goals, objectives and activities shall be planned and implemented.


Long a dream for a handful of Hawaiian physicians, the commitment to create ‘Ahahui o nā Kauka was made at Ka ‘Uhane Lōkahi, the Native Hawaiian Health and Wellness Summit held in Honolulu in March 1998. Twenty-two Hawaiian doctors attended a continuing medical education session where presentations were heard, thoughts and ideas were exchanged, and bonds were formed. There was consensus among the attendees that Hawaiian physicians need to organize and actively participate in efforts to improve the health and wellness of Native Hawaiian people.

Recognizing the influence that other physician groups of color have been able to wield in addressing the health and wellness needs of their people, ‘Ahahui o nā Kauka was formed to provide an avenue for Hawaiian physicians to improve the health and wellness of Kānaka Maoli.

‘Ahahui will not duplicate the efforts of other agencies and organizations that are already working on Hawaiian health care issues. The intentions are to increase physician involvement in current efforts, collaborate with existing groups to achieve mutual goals, and initiate new projects, as necessary.


Allopathic (M.D.) and osteopathic (D.O.) physicians of Native Hawaiian ancestry are eligible for Active membership, and indeed, constitute the core of ‘Ahahui.

Non-Hawaiian physicians who share interest–due to specialty, geography, patient base or nature–in the mission and activities of the ‘Ahahui are eligible for Affiliate membership.